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  • One Mountain, One Vision, One Tam
    Through community passion and great vision, Mt. Tam
    has been protected for more than a century.
    Now, Mt. Tam needs us. Become a part of One Tam
    to help ensure a healthy future for the mountain
    we all cherish.
    Photo by Mason Cummings
  • One Tam:
    The Next Five Years
    One Tam is turning 5 this year!
    Learn about our newly released
    vision for going even further, together
    Photo by Tina Torresan
  • Mt. Tam needs you!
    There are ways for everyone to care for the mountain
    Find yours here!
    Photo by Maria Durana
  • Support One Tam
    to care for Mt. Tam
    Join One Tam today
    for a healthy Mt. Tam tomorrow
    Photo by Lieven Leroy

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One Mountain, One Team

With its sweeping views, miles of trails, and ancient forests, Mt. Tam is a beloved local treasure. But the mountain also faces many challenges such as invasive weeds, forest diseases,
and the effects of climate change. 

One Tam transcends boundaries to inspire deep connections to Mt. Tam and to mobilize the skills and resources of our five partners and the community to care for its long-term health.

Together, we are ensuring a vibrant and healthy future for Mt. Tam.

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