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What We Do

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The open spaces on Mt. Tamalpais are a mosaic of interlocking protected areas primarily managed by four public agencies: Marin Water, National Park Service, California State Parks, and Marin County Parks.


These agencies have the honor of protecting some of the most beautiful, ecologically rich, and well-loved open spaces in the region, and an important source of drinking water for Marin County residents.


One Tam brings these four agencies together with the nonprofit Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to leverage the skills and resources each partner and inspired community members to support the long-term stewardship of Mt. Tamalpais.

California State Parks

Mt. Tamalpais State Park, one of 280 units under the California Department of Parks and Recreation, encompasses 6,300 acres of land on Mt. Tamalpais.


Marin County Parks

Lands on the northeast side and along the base of Mt. Tam fall within Marin County Parks’ network of preserves.


Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

For three decades, the nonprofit Parks Conservancy has worked with the public agencies and community organizations on restoration projects, trails, and volunteer and youth programs in Marin County.


Marin Municipal Water District

MMWD, a public utility providing water to 186,000 people in Marin County, manages 18,600 acres of watershed on the northern flank of the mountain for public use.


National Park Service

 (Golden Gate National Parks)

Portions of the west side of the mountain, including Muir Woods National Monument, are managed by the National Park Service.


What We Do

Like the plants and animals that live here, most people view Mt. Tamalpais as a single, interconnected place. One Tam offers a coordinated approach that allows the mountain’s land managers to work together in a way that reflects this holistic view, and builds on the community’s long history of conservation, stewardship, and giving.

One Tam’s science and restoration work also help us understand and protect the mountain’s long-term health. Our volunteer programs engage people of all ages in caring for its treasured resources. And membership opportunities renew the spirit of philanthropy that has been so fundamental to the preservation of Mt. Tamalpais over the past century.

Learn more about our work and how you can be a part of helping care for Mt. Tamalpais:


It’s through community support that Mt. Tamalpais has been protected for 100 years, and it’s through One Tam that we can protect and steward it for 100 more. But we need your help. Individuals, community organizations, and local businesses can all help support our restoration, stewardship, and education efforts.

Learn more about membership opportunities

Share your time and talents with Mt. Tamalpais! One Tam supports the volunteer efforts of all of our partners and also offers a number of special opportunities to give back to the mountain that gives us all so much.

Find out how you can lend a hand

Teaching and inspiring future Mt. Tamalpais stewards and supporters is essential if we are to continue its long legacy of community care. One Tam youth programs use the mountain as a diverse and expansive classroom to teach young stewards restoration practices, science, and leadership skills, and to create meaningful experiences that will last a lifetime.

See what the next generation has in store for Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tamalpais’ diverse wildlife, important habitats, and much-loved trails are the focus of a wide array of restoration and stewardship work. One Tam brings together the expertise and resources of its partners with additional funding and community support to protect, restore, care for Mt. Tamalpais in a way that none of us could do alone.

Explore our restoration and stewardship activities

Mt. Tamalpais is an ecological treasure trove; however, climate change, invasive species, forest diseases, and other challenges affect its plants, animals, water, and air. While we all have a role to play in helping keep this place healthy and resilient, how do we know what we need to do? In 2016 a team of scientists and managers came together to find out: how healthy is Mt. Tamalpais? Discover what they learned.

Is Mt. Tamalpais in Peak Health?

Landscape-scale stewardship is how we work together across boundaries to care for the places we love, enjoy, and depend upon, and how we continue to renew and sustain these places for current and future generations. The One Tam partnership embodies this approach by creating a more seamless network among Mt. Tamalpais’ land managers. Learn more about how we are going further together.

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