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Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors

Get Involved as a One Tam Ambassador

One Tam’s volunteer Ambassadors connect people to Mt. Tamalpais and raise financial and volunteer support for One Tam’s projects and programs. Ambassadors are our lead “friend-raisers”, planning and hosting events, leading hikes, giving presentations, representing One Tam at community events and festivals, and expanding the mountain’s support network.

Ambassadors raise support for One Tam in many different ways, for example:

Represent One Tam at community events and festivals

Ambassadors represent One Tam at events, public gatherings, as hike leaders and more.

Build partnerships with local businesses and organizations

Ambassadors build bridges between One Tam and local organizations and businesses through the One Tam Business Club.


Plan, host, and support events

Ambassadors help plan events and develop the One Tam Circle, our community of generous members that support One Tam annually at $1,000 and more.


Build connections with Mt. Tamalpais enthusiasts

Ambassadors strengthen our ties with the passionate community of trail runners, cyclists and other user groups.


Please contact Sarah Lincoln at to learn more.