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One Tam: many ways to give back to the mountain that gives us so much

Bothin Marsh

At the edge of Richardson Bay in Mill Valley, the Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve and a section of the Mill Valley-Sausalito Pathway (Bay Trail) are experiencing the effects of sea level rise. More frequent and severe flooding impacts the shoreline, plants, wildlife, and the pathway.  

The Evolving Shorelines Project is responding to the challenge of sea level rise by developing nature-based approaches to adapt marsh habitat and the pathway to a changing climate. The shared community vision for Bothin Marsh is a place where innovative climate adaptations allow for thriving biodiversity, year-round recreation, and carbon-free transportation enjoyed by all. One Tam is embracing the shared responsibility of taking care of open spaces for current and future generations.  

The easiest way to get informed about our work at Bothin Marsh is to visit the Evolving Shorelines Storymap. It provides a fast and engaging way to learn about the history of the marsh, how rising tides affect recreation and wildlife habitat, and ongoing efforts to find solutions.  

We are currently collecting feedback on the designs for a proposed trailhead at Tam Junction. We need your help! Please take a few minutes to provide your thoughts with this brief online survey:

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Upcoming Events

Learn more and tour the project area at an upcoming Evolving Shorelines event - check out a list of events in May and June, 2023 here or visit our calendar.

Project Leadership

One Tam partners – the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and Marin County Parks – are working together on the Evolving Shorelines Project at Bothin Marsh.

The Parks Conservancy provides support through fundraising, community engagement, communications and co-project management for this project. Bothin Marsh lies within the jurisdiction of Marin County Parks, land managers of this Open Space Preserve.

Project Contacts

Rob LaPorte, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy 

Veronica Pearson, Marin County Parks

Project Updates 

Project Funding

The Evolving Shorelines Project is a priority of the One Tam collaborative. The project is funded by Marin County Measure A and with philanthropic support from One Tam members.  

The Evolving Shorelines Project received funding from 2016’s Measure AA, the clean and healthy bay measure, through the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, which is a regional agency that funds projects that restore, protect and enhance the wetlands and wildlife habitat in the San Francisco Bay and its shoreline.  

Funding has also come from the California State Coastal Conservancy and the Marin Community Foundation through the Advancing Nature-Based Adaptation Solutions grant program. This program seeks to support nature-based approaches that address the risks and impacts of climate change and sea level rise to protect the Marin County bay and coastal shorelines and natural resources. 

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