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One Tam: many ways to give back to the mountain that gives us so much

Marin Wildlife Watch

Project Overview

The One Tam partner agencies are using motion-activated cameras to study wildlife on public lands around Mt. Tam. Also known as Marin Wildlife Watch, this community science project depends on volunteers to assist at every step along the way.

To Get Involved

Check out the One Tam calendar to view volunteer opportunities, or contact us at

View the Marin County Parks webpage on this project.

Learn more by viewing presentations on preliminary findings from this work, presented at the 2017 Mt. Tam Wildlife Symposium.

A Glimpse into the Secret Lives of Mt. Tam

In the Lab

For those who enjoy viewing wildlife photos, this is your chance to spot a mountain lion, baby coyote, or family of foxes! Our cameras collect hundreds of thousands of images, and each one needs to be checked by human eyes. Twice a month, volunteers can come learn to identify the mammals captured on camera and enter the images into our database. In 2015, our volunteers cataloged over 200,000 photos!

View more of the wildlife images captured so far

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