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Marin Wildlife Watch Volunteer Resources

Marin Wildlife Watch Volunteer Resources

Welcome Marin Wildlife Watch volunteers!

This is a dynamic compilation of resources for active Marin Wildlife Watch volunteers.

When You Need Help

Marin Wildlife Watch Help Form >>

Please use this form if you…

  • Are done with your assigned deployments (and want more!)
  • Need help with ID
  • Made a mistake while cataloging
  • Need help with Wildlife Insights 
  • See images of humans engaging in concerning behavior (i.e., crime in progress, indecency)

Please use this form first to help us track your request. For other questions, you can get in touch with us at

Learning Resources

Marin Wildlife Watch Video Tutorials on YouTube >>

Quick demos covering common questions about Wildlife Insights and wildlife ID.

Marin Wildlife Watch ID Guides >>

A detailed identification guide for nearly everything we expect you to see on camera. Includes hundreds of images to help hone your search image and provides detailed answers to common ID challenges.

Supplemental Guides

Taxonomy Cheat Sheet >>

Predator-Prey Cataloging Guide >>

Eastern Gray Squirrel Identification >>

Step-by-Step Tips & Tricks

How to create a Wildlife Insights account >>

How to find and navigate to your assigned deployment in Wildlife Insights >>

Setting up the Wildlife Insights user interface and using filters >>

Viewing tricky images in Wildlife Insights >>

Coping with Wildlife Insights bugs - it added an extra species! >>

Wildlife Insights Learning Center >>

Please note that some issues can only be resolved by Wildlife Insights staff. If you have issues that can be resolved directly by Wildlife Insights, you can stay up to date with new releases on their Features page and submit Feature Requests and report bugs on the Wildlife Insights forum.