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City Nature Challenge 2021

City Nature Challenge 2021

What is City Nature Challenge?

Poppies by Lisette Arellano / One Tam

City Nature Challenge is a yearly citizen science event to see which urban area in the world can turn out the greatest number of naturalists, make the most observations of nature, and find the most species using the iNaturalist platform. Anyone can participate on Mt. Tam and close to home by making observation of WILD organisms April 30-May3 and then uploading and identifying observations May 4-May 9.
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How can I join? 

These are the City Nature Challenge events happening at One Tam as part of the San Francisco Bay Area team. 

Before CNC:

  • Thursday, April 29, 12-1 PM | Virtual Event | City Nature Challenge Launch 
  • Thursdays-Sundays mid-day | Socially-distant event | One Tam Roving Ranger at Pine Mountain Road Parking Area off Bolinas-Fairfax Road 
    • Stop by to learn about important animals and plants in the area, iNaturalist, and pick up schwag
During CNC Observation Period:
  • April 30 - May 3 | Self-directed Bioblitz on Mt. Tam | One Tam staff will be monitoring this project to help with ID's 
During CNC Observation ID:
  • TBD May 4 - May 9 | Virtual Event | Keep your eyes on this space and our social media for details
Other events in the SF Bay Area: