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Education and Outreach

Community Stewardship Program
From naturalist walks and talks, volunteer workdays, immersive summer high school programs, community science opportunities, and internships for local youth, our stewardship programs aim to care for Mt. Tam while engaging and deepening the community's relationship to the to the mountain.
Workshops & Conferences
Workshops and conferences help bring actionable research to land managers, and provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experience and information with each other and with interested stakeholders and community members.
Roving Ranger & Pop-up Trailheads
The One Tam Roving Ranger brings the mountain to you – and continually offers new activities and ways to engage with the mountain and learn about our local environment.
Internship Program
The One Tam Internship Program expands the capacity of existing stewardship programs while providing career pathways and job skills for local youth and young adults.
Youth Programs
The One Tam Youth Initiative engages, empowers, and educates young people while providing critical support for the lands of Mt. Tam.
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