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LINC students participating in a variety of outdoor activities
LINC 2021 participants enjoyed a variety of in-person outdoor learning experiences with COVID-19 precautions as part of a hybrid online/in-person program. Photos by Adriana Castillo and Grecia Pacheco.

Do you enjoy being outside? Are you looking for a meaningful way to spend the summer and willing to try new things? 

Linking Individuals to their Natural Community (LINC) is a six-week program that brings youth from across the Bay Area together to participate in a variety of local service projects, education, recreation, and skills-building workshops to gain career and leadership skills. Projects and activities will vary week to week and may include: 

  • Participate in service projects such as trail work, habitat restoration, and community cleanups 
  • Develop career skills such as building resumes, interviewing, and networking with park partners 
  • Gain leadership skills by practicing facilitation 
  • Enjoy an overnight service camping trip to a National Park 
  • Gain technical job skills through welding and carpentry workshops 
  • Practice iNaturalist skills while contributing to real science data 
  • Participate in a team Ropes Course challenge 
  • Collaborate with other environmental youth teams throughout the summer 
  • Learn about your local, state and National Parks 

This program meets Tuesday–Friday for six weeks. At the conclusion of the program, all participants receive a $2300 cash education award.  

We are planning for a fully in-person program for summer 2022. Pending COVID-19 safety restrictions, we will adapt to virtual/hybrid programming as needed. 

Program dates: June 14–July 29, 2022 (*There will be a one-week break July 5-8.*) 

Applications for the 2022 LINC Summer High School Program are open now till February 27, 2022. 


Please view the FAQ section below to help you determine whether this program is for you.  

The program typically consists of two teams, one based in Marin County (LINC Tam) and another team based in San Francisco (LINC Golden Gate). This year LINC Tam and LINC Golden Gate will unite to form one LINC team, made up of 24 participants who will meet four times a week. 

What are the dates of the program? This year the program meets Tuesdays-Fridays with some occasional Saturdays. The program will start on June 14 and end on July 29. 

Key dates: 

  • Family Orientation: May 21 
  • Student Orientation: June 10
  • Program Starts: June 14 
  • Program Week Break: July 5-8 
  • Program End: July 29 

The LINC program does not cost anything. Youth who successfully complete the LINC program will receive an educational award of $2300. 

Please access the application at the link above. The application is three pages (intended to be easy), and includes the following short essay question: Why does this summer experience interest you? Your response must be 100-250 words. We also require at least one reference (i.e., coach, teacher, counselor, mentor, etc.). 


How quickly should I respond to the hiring committee? If we contact you through email, text, or voicemail you are expected to respond as soon as possible. When applying for a job, it’s bad manners for the applicant to take longer than 24 hours to respond. Slow response times will damage your chances of securing a job interview.  

How will interviews be conducted? All interviews will be conducted over zoom for the safety of our staff and youth. Please be prepared to log on time and address any technology issues that may come up. 

What should I do if I’m going to be late for my interview? Please call your interviewer as soon as possible if you know that you will be late. Your interview confirmation email will provide a phone number to contact in case you need to make any changes.

What will the interview questions be like? We want to make the interview as comfortable as possible for you. We ask questions so that we can get to know you better and understand how you will fit into the LINC team.  

Here are a few questions that we may ask during your interview:  

  1. What part of this program are you the most excited about? 
  2. What role do you play in a group or team?  
  3. What is your relationship with nature and the outdoors?  
  4. What is a change that you’d like to see in your community?  
  5. What is a project that you’ve been a part of that you are proud of?  

Yes, we are able to provide transportation for youth who need it. We will have a designated pick up location for each team. For LINC Tam there will be a pick up location in Marin City and San Rafael Bus Transit Center. For LINC GOGA there will be a pick up location at Civic Center Bart Station. 

 We will also provide Clipper Card funds for public transportation for students to get to and from the program during the summer. 

Grecia Solis Pacheco at (based in Marin) or Darryl Burton at