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One Tam: many ways to give back to the mountain that gives us so much

Wayfinding Signs & Kiosks

Navigating the Mountain

As anyone who has hiked its trails can attest, it can be surprisingly easy to get lost on Mt. Tam. It is also sometimes difficult to know what rules apply to any given trail, especially as they cross agency lines.

Part of what makes navigating Mt. Tam’s trails so confusing is the absence of consistent wayfinding and regulatory signs at trail intersections and trailheads. The National Park Service and California State Parks recently partnered on a cross-jurisdictional sign project in the Redwood Creek watershed. An expanded One Tam collaborative sign project is working to finish the work in Mt. Tamalpais State Park to the west of the Redwood Creek watershed. It will also help complete the implementation of the Marin Municipal Water District’s sign program, replacing deteriorating and missing signs in their new design. 

This program  will also support an interpretive specialist to work with agency staff to continue developing engaging kiosk content for key trailheads and public gathering areas, and help with the assessments, design, fabrication, and installation needed to realize a well-maintained signage system that provides the public a safer and more enjoyable visit.