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One Tam: many ways to give back to the mountain that gives us so much

Potrero Meadow Restoration

Potrero Meadow provides a lush open area amidst the forest canopy to the north of Mt. Tam’s iconic peaks. Surrounded by steep trails, the meadow is bookended by the popular Potrero and Rifle Camp picnic areas. Small braided channels and depressions support a diverse array of aquatic plants and animals, making this rare wet meadow a destination for botanists and hikers alike.

The health of this once-vibrant wetland has declined due to the spread of weeds, wear and tear from heavy visitation, and poorly placed roads and trails that cut through the meadow, changing its hydrology and increasing erosion, sedimentation, and maintenance costs.

This project will re-align existing trails so that they circumnavigate the wetland, creating new vistas and areas for reflection. Laurel Dell Road, which now drops into the meadow, will be re-routed outside of the wetland allowing for habitat revitalization.

The trailhead at Rifle Camp will be moved slightly north and tie into a new alignment that hugs the meadow’s upper edges. The service road and picnic area at Potrero Camp will be moved to the upper edge of the forest. Added amenities include a new composting toilet and well-placed picnic tables with extensive views across the wetland.