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"Into the Woods" hike with docent Sue Karp

"Into the Woods" hike with docent Sue Karp

Source: Mt Tamalpais State Park
On Wednesday 8/5/2020 at 5:00 PM from Mt Home trailhead, "Into the Woods" hike with docent Sue Karp. 
Experience stepping deep into the woods on the Lost Trail, constructed in 1914 by Tourist Club members and buried for approximately 30 years by a slide in the 1930's. Enjoy quiet and peace. listenng to sounds of nature on our descent to the valley floor. Feel the grand majesty of giant Redwoods as we loop back to Mt Home on the Canopy Trail. 
 Distance (mi): 3.8.
 Elev Gain (ft): 728.
Difficulty: Moderate

What to bring: Come prepared. Wear good hiking shoes/boots. Bring plenty of water, lunch and snacks. Hiking poles are recommended on this mountain.

Cancellation policy: Rain or winds above 30 mph will cancel.

Limited to 20 people. First come-first serve. 

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