Mt. Tam

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Special Events

Member hike: Mushrooms of TamSaturday, January 12, 10am-12pm. Join us for an exploratory stroll into the different habitats and rich diversity around Lake Lagunitas at the peak of Mt. Tam’s mushroom season. 

Bioblitz: Fungus! Saturday, January 26, 10am-4pm. Join Marin County Parks and One Tam at Roy’s Redwoods as we try to identify and document every fungus species we see! 

From Base to Peak: Studio Exhibition. One Tam is partnering with the Marin Art & Garden Center to present an interactive exhibit that captures the compelling history and ecological value of West Peak, details the plan to enhance unique plant communities, and allowss visitors to take in the breathtaking views and learn more about the ecology and history of the mountain. Exhibition runs January 19-March 9. Visit for more information.


Volunteer Opportunities

Check out these drop-in volunteer opportunities:

• Wildlife image cataloging – January 12, January 22
• Restoration projects – January 11, January 12, January 19 @ Creekside Marsh, January 19 @ MMWD, January 26 @ Easkoot Creek, January 26 @ MMWD

There's a lot more at! Check our calendar for event details and more opportunities offered by One Tam partners.


Our Work

New research reveals some of the keys to One Tam's success! Independent researchers have found that One Tam’s successes have led to the development of a new model—the Partnership Impact Model™ for measuring partnership impact. One Tam’s vision that we can do more for Mt. Tam together, working across boundaries, than we can alone was affirmed in the findings of a newly released four-year (2014-17) independent study—Generating, Scaling Up, and Sustaining Partnership Impact: One Tam’s First Four Years—on the impact and value of partnerships. One Tam’s work was central to the research. Learn more and explore the study at

West Peak: After 18 months of study, the West Peak Restoration Alternatives project reached a milestone recently by releasing a perferred concept for the future of the mountain's true peak - read more here! This new vision will ensure cleanup of the site is complete; unique plant communities are enhanced and stewarded; and public access allows visitors to enjoy the breathtaking views and learn more about the unique ecology of the mountain. 

New Work Studying Pollinators Underway: Stemming from the Mt. Tam Science Summit held last fall, MMWD and San Francisco State University are set to begin inventorying pollinators, primarily bees, on the mountain this spring. This will be the first time this part of Marin has ever been surveyed for pollinators. The field season should start at the beginning of March, but may be delayed by rain. There will be a number of opportunities to volunteer with this project, including specimen processing events. Stay tuned on

New Inventory of Mt. Tam's Bats: One of the information gaps identified during the 2016 Mt. Tam health assessment was that we don’t know very much about bats on the mountain. Marin potentially supports up to 16 species of bats. This year’s study includes a number of components that will increase our understanding of bats and their ecology in Marin, and will employ several sampling methods including acoustic monitoring and mist netting. Information collected will include bat activity and species identification. The overarching goals of the study are to understand the relationships of bats and bat diversity to the landscape, the distribution of reproductive bats, and to provide insights on roosting ecology and roost selection in both summer and winter. This kind of data will contribute to our understanding of the diversity, health, and distribution of bats in the region, and inform management around protecting these species from disease. Learn more about bats here >>