Mt. Tam
What an incredible National Trails Day! We’re still riding high off of the many wonderful highlights, including: our dedicated and hardy trail volunteers, our many accomplishments, and of course, the dirt and sweat on our faces. We prepared ourselves for a BIG National Trails Day this year, but with your help we actually went above and beyond our lofty goals!


Photo gallery:

View a selection of photos in the slideshow below or see a full gallery of photos on our Flickr account.

One Tam partners California State Parks, Marin County Parks, National Park Service, and Marin Municipal Water District brought energy and enthusiasm to a series of successful trail-loving projects.

With 100 helping hands, One Tam projects…

  • BRUSHED approximately 1 mile of trail
  • CLEARED 22 water drains
  • HAULED 4 cu yards of dirt material
  • ESTABLISHED 200 ft of new trail tread
  • REMOVED 50 bags worth of weeds and trash
  • BUILT 1 brand-new 16 ft bridge

  • We are also incredibly thankful to REI for their yearly support of National Trails Day and the Parks!

    Mark your calendars for our next One Tam event on October 3-4!

    View photos from our Mt. Tam Day of Thanks, Hands On Tam Winter Work Day, and Mt. Tam Earth Day. For more information about the One Tam collaboration, and to learn about other great work that's happening, visit our Why One Tam page.