The Birds…

Northern Spotted Owls are listed as threatened throughout their range in the western United States. The biggest threat to this species is the loss of their forest habitats from decades of development and logging. Mt. Tam’s spotted owls enjoy protection from these dangers, but the recent arrival of larger, more aggressive Barred Owls has caused some pairs of spotted owls to leave their breeding territories.

..and the Trees

The tallest trees on Earth, coast redwoods can grow to over 320 feet and live to be more than 2,000 years old. Logging and development during California’s population boom in the 1800s left only 5% of old-growth coast redwood forests intact. Today, climate change, wildfire, and forest diseases like Sudden Oak Death are the biggest threats to protected redwood forests like those found on and near Mt. Tam. 

 Additional Information

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Northern Spotted Owl and Redwood Tree Photo
Northern Spotted Owl Monitoring:

The National Park Service and Marin Municipal Water District monitor Northern Spotted Owls. Learn more about what they’ve found.

Northern Spotted Owl and Redwood Tree Drawing
Species of the Year:

Coast redwoods and Northern Spotted Owls are the 2016 Golden Gate Species of the Year. Get more information about upcoming events here.

Image of a Researcher Climbing a Redwood Tree at BioBlitz
Bioblitz Redwood Canopy Exploration:

Researchers recently climbed into the redwood canopy at Muir Woods for the first time. Find out more about what they learned here.